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Why Moneyforlikes? because you deserve more for your great content than likes and view. Likes and views are a form of payment with Zero monetary value, we’ve been fooled into believing our content has no value . We all know tech companies took our data and monetize it and we got nothing now we’re giving away our content and getting nothing. Moneyforlikes aims to change this dynamic. On MFL instead of nothing likes user of the app receive MoneyLikes from content Appreciators who give micro payments that quickly add up to real payments that you can transfer at any time to the bank,PayPal,Venmo or cash app account of your choice. Anyone that creates content deserves the right to monetize it MFL is easy to join and use. Get MoneyLikes after downloading and posting your content on the app you will see MoneyLikes in your wallet instead of nothing likes it’s that simple . Join the community taking control of our content before like our data it will be too late . Getting MoneyLikes for our content is the encouragement we all need to continue to create great content. How it works? Download the app in the goggle play or App Store ,sign up and activate your wallet now you can post photos,videos or audio files and receive MoneyLikes from content appreciators for your great content . If you’re a artist,painters,photographers,video creators,or musicians you’re going to love this app . Because it rewards you for your great content .

Meet MFL.

Showcase your talent

MFL aims to give artist, painters, performers, photographers, videographer and serious content creators a virtual tin cup a place to post their best content and receive Money Likes the Currency of MFL redeemable for cash.

A new spend on an old idea

A new spend on an old idea “if I had a nickel every time someone said they like my shoes I’d be a millionaire “

Creativity should be rewarded

Creativity should be rewarded even if it’s in small amounts. Put your money where your mouth MoneyLikes for your favorite content creators. Instead of nothing likes. Find out how much your followers really Appreciate your work, Monetize your true followers on a daily bases doing what you normally do, post your best work on MFL.

Add up smaller but faster

For a content creator MoneyLikes adds up faster for some than others. Share the wealth and the joy in small amounts sign up today start getting and giving MoneyLikes tomorrow.

Best Features

It is your money

It’s your Money you should decide who gets it and for what. When you put money in your MFL wallet it’s your money, you control it. There’s a one-time charge of 1$ to download the app, no reoccurring charges, no membership or subscription fees it’s your money.

No comments

On MFL there’s no comments if you don’t like it get over it and move on don’t comment. Someone’s grandmother once said “if you don’t have something good to say, say nothing”.

Super easy editing

MFL features include a photography editing tool to turn normal photos into eye catching works of art using the tone curve tool to transform a photo in seconds. Or add a filter or effect.

Watch instead of follow

Invite your friends, family, followers and content appreciator to watch you on MFL. We encourage watching instead of following “who’s watching who”. What do you want to watch, who’s the content creator that you want to watch and are willing to give MoneyLikes to instead of nothing likes. Download the app today and start watching or showing your best work on MFL..

Ease of Use:

MFL is not a complicated app to use, do what you normally do in your busy day posting and liking content on social media. With MFL you have an even better reason to post your content not just for likes but for MoneyLikes. Push your content to other social media sites like IG and FB. With two clicks in the MFL app. Test that I’ve been doing seems to indicate that this is true.

Use MFL Offline

While most social media apps require a internet signal or strong network signal. Use MFL off line no internet connection needed to use MFL even weak signal strength won’t stop users from posting and sending or receiving MoneyLikes


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